There are two key elements to a "custom" golf bag or headcover.

- Customisation - colours and fabrics
- Personalisation - the addition of logos, branding text etc

All options regarding colours and fabrics are included in all our styles that can be customised - Golf Bag, Travel Bag, Valuables Bag, Duffle/Boston bag and HeadCovers

What is included as standard from a personalisation perspective does vary.  See List below

This does vary across the golf bag styles and headcovers

Staff & Cart Bags - 4 standard logos.

Stand / Carry Golf Bag - 3 Standard Logos

Travel Bag - 2 Standard Logos

Duffle Bag - 3 Standard Logos

Valuables Bag - 1 Standard Logo

HeadCovers - 1 Standard Logo and Number or letter depending on style - eg Driver, Fairway or Hybrid

Putter Covers (Blade and Mallet) - 1 Standard Logo