Tiger Woods Golf Towel

Perhaps no other item in your golf bag has more jobs than a golf towel.

Many golfers take any towel they can get their hands out on the course but investing in a quality golf towel is the best move.

New players to the game may wonder "What can a golf towel be used for ?


The primary use of a golf towel is to clean your clubs and irons. All irons must be cleaned after each shot due to the practice of taking a divot. After making contact with the ground, the grooves in your irons

After making firm contact with the ground, the grooves in your irons get all sorts of debris like mud, sand, grass, and dirt stuck in them. If these particles are not removed from the grooves with a club brush and a golf towel, your next shot with that golf club most likely will be affected in a negative way, eg accuracy or distance. 

This is why you see the caddies for Tour professionals on TV constantly cleaning the golf pros clubs

Clubs, irons that are not cleaned cannot generate as much spin on their iron shots if the grooves of the club are not free of dirt and sand. Who would have thought that simply taking the time to clean the grooves of your irons would help improve your handicap?


Your clubs aren’t the only golf accessories that get dirty during a round. Golf balls take a beating from the grass, dirt, and sand. Cleaning your golf balls with a golf towel is a great way to keep them looking brand new.

Did you know that a dirty golf ball won’t travel nearly as far as a clean one? Don’t make the game harder than it has to be. Check your golf ball before each hole and shine it up at the ball washer station if needed.

Another ideal time to clean your golf ball is when you are on the green. Many golfers use a greens towel with maximum absorbency to remove any type of debris from their golf ball. Anything that is stuck on the golf ball can hinder a golfer’s putting outcome so this process is very important.

Having a golf towel on your bag is one of the most important things to make sure you have before starting a round of golf.

The best golf towels are good for not only cleaning golf balls but other golf accessories as well.  Your golf towel can be used to clean your divot tools tees or also your golf glove.  Golf towels are incredibly versatile.


Probably the most obvious function of a golf towel is to wipe off sweat. Golf is often played in hot weather and any type of exercise in hot weather can cause excessive sweating. Golfers often use their golf towels to wipe the sweat off of their hands, arms, and forehead.

Moisture from your hands can also build up on your golf clubs so it’s a good idea to wipe down the grip of your club before hitting a shot. The last thing a golfer needs is for his hands to slip off the club during the swing, which will severely affect his accuracy. 


We all ahve to admit, mother nature is in control and doesn’t always cooperate while we are on the golf course. Even a beautiful sunny day can be tuned upside down by a shower that comes out of nowhere. We’ve all been there and it is less than ideal.

When rain happens, it’s best to dry your golf clubs with your golf towel before and after every shot. As we’ve mentioned before, the last thing you need is any type of moisture on the grips of your clubs.

    A golf towel is simply one of the most useful golf gifts for a golfer.

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